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"The beginner does what he can,

the virtuoso does what he wants,

the artist does what he has to do. "


                   Brigitte Hool

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Puccini l'aimait

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Puccini l'aimait

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1 idea for tomorrow's education

“Learning to sing "by heart" from an early age and throughout obligatory schooling will give every human being a solid foundation on which to lean to find his or her voice (voice!).
Let us remember with respect (I myself had the shamelessness to make fun of the ancients for a long time, believing that progress ridiculed them) of the medieval university whose etymology recalls the humanist goals with a universalist aim: for them, with seriousness and depth, music - taught in the
quadrivium, among scientific subjects, and therefore part of the first disciplines studied - was already reputed to develop the brain, and respond to the harmonious music that builds the cosmos! The mastery of the art faculty was obligatory. This is where there were the most students! Thus, his superior even became the rector, head of all the faculties, in Paris. In our society in search of consumable goods that do not strain the budgets, those obtained by oneself in the art are among the most rewarding. To paint something, it is necessary to have looked around: one naturally learns the spirit of reverence. To sing in tune, it is necessary to find balance and courage: we learn diligence and joy. To write gracefully and not only intellectually, it is necessary to learn to purify: you learn to abstract.
This is where I come from: the "by heart"! It is not a question of providing an education which satisfies only the mental capacity of an individual. Let's speak to his heart with our heart to make this human being a spiritual being! Singing "by heart" really develops this ability: memorization, and memorization of the best feeling in oneself.
May the teachers and parents rest assured: sing along with the children, even if you sing out of tune! Because whoever with whom we early sang, will sing in tune - no matter the tune or the choice of songs. When we learn to create, we learn to respect the created. When you learn to sing, you learn to love what is song in the world.
From the heart to the work! "

Brigitte Hool

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